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Mobile Home Park… Bus Tour & Field Training

If you’ve figured out how to get your hands on a MHP, that does not mean your going to maximize profits due to your excellent MHP Management Skills!

Many investors are new to or breaking into the MHP Investing Space. This 1-day event has provided to be extremely valuable to new and existing MHP owners. If your on the fence whether to buy a park or not, attending this tour will give you a taste of MHP off-site and on-site operations, so you understand whats really involved.

Full Day of Mobile Home Park Investing Education
• Education on bus to and from Mobile Home Park
• Field Tour and Education at Mobile Home Park
• Stop for lunch near Mobile Home Park

Spend the day with us as we meet onsite staff and dig into effective onsite-operations, maximizing curb appeal, effective enforcement of park rules, how to have tenants work in harmony with you, utilities and infrastructure, filling lots and remodeling homes and more…

This tour is essential for anyone looking to know how to, or learn to improve upon MHP management to maximize effectiveness and of course increase profits!

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Highlights of what we'll cover:
  • Why Mobile Home Parks
  • Park Owned Homes (POH’s)
  • Star Rating of MHP’s
  • What to look for in a profitable MHP
  • MHP Operating Expenses
  • Utilities
  • MHP Due Diligence
  • Power Team
  • Take Over
  • Onsite Management
  • Offsite Management
  • Filling Lots

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