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A to Z of MHP’s… Everything YOU Need to Know about Mobile Home Park Investing!

Mobile Home Park’s (MHP’s) are single handedly the hottest asset class right now in the U.S.

  • Learn the in’s and outs, pitfalls to avoid and secrets to successful MHP investing!
  • 2 day face-to-face, full-immersion, interactive event with successful MHP investors!
  • Your customized MHP investing business plan that suits your goals and needs!
  • Training manual & customized action plan!
  • Sample contracts, documents and more…

As an experienced and successful MHP owner / operator myself, I was being bombarded with new investors curious or wanting to join the MHP investing space, yet they didn’t know where to start, what pitfalls to avoid or what secrets there are to successful MHP investing.

I come from the philosophy that we live in a abundant world and If I have valuable knowledge that others can massively benefit from then it’s my duty to share that knowledge so others can join me in success!

Each time I was networking or at a real estate event, I was asked the same MHP investing questions over and over, and found myself hosting time-consuming, repetitive, and predictable Q&A sessions.

Calls came in like crazy. I spent hours each day coaching new investors on the fundamentals of MHP investing. Again, I’m all for passing on this knowledge, yet I was not wisely spending my time by repeating the same things over and over.

It became very clear. I needed to get more people together so I can maximize my time and still get the message across. I started in small group meetings and conference calls, then I put together a full day bus / tour field tour to one of my parks. But even 1 day together wasn’t enough!

For me to relay all the valuable information needed to lay down the foundation of MHP investing, to cover the do’s and don’ts to successful MHP acquisition, take-over, management, and maximizing of profits, I needed 2 full days. From this the “A to Z of MHP’s – everything YOU need to know about mobile home park investing” was born.

A to Z of MHP’s is a 2 day live, interactive event, where as an attendee, you literally walk away with your own customized MHP investing business plan, fully tailored to fit your MHP investing goals and needs (don’t worry, we cover how to discover and set your goals during the event!)

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Highlights of what we will cover:

  • What are Mobile Homes (MH’s)
  • What is a Mobile Home Park (MHPs)
  • Park Owned Homes (POH’s)
  • Exit Strategies
  • Why Mobile Home Parks
  • How to find Good Mobile Home Parks
  • Star Rating of MHP’s
  • What to look for in a profitable MHP
  • What to look for in a profitable MHP
  • MHP Evaluation
  • Utilities
  • MHP Purchase Contract
  • MHP Negotiations
  • Syndication & Deal Structuring
  • MHP Due diligence
  • Power Team
  • Financing
  • Take Over
  • Onsite Management
  • Offsite Management
  • Tools and Technology
  • Tax and Legal
  • Filling Lots
  • Airbnb and MH's
  • Additional Revenue Sources
  • Bonus Networking Sessions
  • Book Signing, After Party and more…

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