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As markets and economic conditions change, stay ahead of the game by selecting the most effective, stable, and resilient investments. See our focused asset classes below and reasons why we like them…

Assisted Living

Did you know that over 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 EACH DAY?

It’s hard to deny the obvious need to house and assist retiring baby boomers. As the attraction to assisted living facilities grow’s rapidly, so does investment interest.

  • 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 each day
  • 7 boomers are turning 65 every minute
  • As boomers continue to age, some will require care, and with the aversion to bland retirement homes, assisted living facilities are growing in demand!

Setting up and running an assisted living facility is not a simple or easy process. When challenges like this exist and are met, the effort / reward is handsomely compensated.  

You can invest in something that makes a difference!

What better way to make a difference than to help American retires enjoy quality care and lifestyle. 

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Parks are quickly becoming the most popular investment class among investors. 

We see the stability, resilience and popularity of this investment class strengthening!

Do you think there is a need for affordable housing?
  • *45 million Americans live below the poverty line and **50% of Americans earn less than $30,000 annually
  • Mobile Homes are among the most affordable housing options in the U.S.
  • There’s only 45,000 known mobile home parks in America
Who else is on board in this industry?
  • ***Warren Buffet’s has become one of the biggest drives behind the mobile home industry with Berkshire Hathaway’s, purchase of the largest mobile home manufacturer in the U.S., Clayton Homes.
  • FANNIE and FREDDIE now offer mobile home park and mobile home financing programs
  • A recent bill has passed allowing section 8 vouchers to now be used towards the purchase (not rent) of mobile homes.
  • Multi-family apartment and self storage investors are migrating to the mobile home park space to benefit from more favorable cap rates, lower operating expense ratios and larger spreads.


Remember the 2007-2008 financial meltdown? 

Those who lost life savings, property or assets do!!!

It’s fair to say;

  • With the volatility of national and international markets
  • Un-recoverable national debt
  • Unpredictable political activity
  • A historical real estate cycle that’s due for a turn

Some type of financial correction, downturn or even crisis could be on the horizon.

If affordable housing is already in high demand, and the economy takes a turn for the worse, then the demand for affordable housing (aka mobile home parks), will increase.

Consequently, mobile home parks can potentially perform even better when economies are failing. 

Put simply, forcing the value of the property to increase. Forced Appreciation is achieved by increasing occupancy, via adding more homes to the community with paying tenants (aka “filling vacant lots”). For this reason we seek out “value add” mobile home communities. 

Multi-Family Apartments

Long considered an attractive and popular investment, Multi-Family Apartments have stood the test of time and continue to be a stable and quality asset class.

  • There’s over 70 million Millennials in the U.S.
  • Due to rising costs of living, most Millennials seem to prefer renting over buying a home.
  • We cannot turn a blind eye to the sentiment of Millennials.
  • Apartment living is expected to stay in high demand for years to come.

As seasoned Multi-Family Investors know, there are 4 main classes of quality in apartments: A, B, C & D.

“A” being the highest quality and “D” being the lowest.

  • We typically focus on “B” Class apartments which is considered a quality asset.
  • During a financial downturn, “A” Class tenants may need to move down to “B” Class Apartments.
  • “B” Class Apartments benefit from excellent financing options and are easy to sell for high value. 

You’ve heard the famous saying, “real estate is all about, location, location, location!” It’s famous because it’s true!

We only focus on quality apartments in America’s top MSA’s. So rest assured we’ve got location covered. 

Multi-Use Commercial Condo’s

This may be the first time you’ve heard of this niche’, but it certainly wont be the last!

Commercial Multi-Use Spaces with centralized community amenities, such as shared conference rooms, kitchens, restrooms, dining and entertaining areas etc. 

With Hotels came Airbnb, with Taxi’s came Uber. Now with Commercial Real Estate Space, comes Multi-Use Condos. Where small and medium size businesses can buy a “Condo” in a large commercial building for a variety of uses, leveraging the benefits of centralized community amenities.

As Warren Buffets says, “Only dead fish go with the flow.” History has proven that staying “ahead of the game” has certainly been a successful philosophy in business and investing. Multi-Use Commercial Condo’s with centralized community amenities, fills a gap in boring and unpractical commercial real estate space, especially in modern times.  

Mixed-Use Commercial Space offers a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses, an all-in-one opportunity. They can take advantage of centralized community amenities that could otherwise be too inconvenient or too costly for just one small business.

Variety of uses include, but are not limited to: inventory storage, warehouse space, professional space, front office, back office, showroom etc.

Apart from the obvious upfront revenue from condo sales, this structure allows multiple back-end income streams from common amenities such as: conference room, kitchen, dining and entertainment area rentals.

Self-Storage Units

Given modern lifestyle practices, there is an increasing demand for Self-Storage Units in high traffic areas.

When people downsize, they need somewhere to store their stuff. “l’ll only keep it there a few months,” suddenly turns to years. Typically the cost of ones possessions,  dramatically exceeds the monthly cost of renting a storage space and it is a practical decision for most. 

Put simply, forcing the value of the property to increase. Forced Appreciation is achieved by increasing occupancy, via adding paying tenants via filling empty units. For this reason we seek out “value add” storage facilities. 

The benefit of self-storage investing is the possibility of high cash flow straight out of the gate. With an effective business plan, cash flow can continually increase. Cash flow in self storage investing is an exciting concept from an investment perspective.  

Turnkey - Single Family Residences

True turnkey properties in top condition (no repairs needed). Bundled with property management and qualified, screened tenants already in place.

Appreciate the financial benefits of income producing property ownership without the head ache of being a land lord! 

The US single family real estate market has displayed both strong and stable market appreciation at a rate of around 5% year-over-year for the past 40 years. This means a property purchased for $30,000 in 1978 would now be worth around $210,000 in 2018.

Single family residences can be simple to finance; especially when compared with other real estate asset classes. 

  • Compound Market Appreciation in a Tax Deferred Environment
  • Defer Capital Gains through a 1031 Exchange
  • Tax Free Cash Out Refinance
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Invest using Self Directed IRA’s or Superannuation Funds

Alternative Investments

Sometimes we come across exciting alternative investment options: Retail Space, ATM investments or Hemp Production investments.

ATM’s for example, create revenue from transaction fees as well as opportunistic digital marketing. A high volume of ATM’s in high traffic areas can produce impressive results. 

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International Investors…

Are you an international investor wanting to invest in U.S. real estate? Not sure where or how to start? What about: Taxes? Foreign Exchange? Bank Accounts?

We understand the entire process, help our international investors get set up and cut through all the hype. It’s simple and very straight forward. We avoid any pitfalls as we have access to the best U.S. resources to make the process effortless.

Here’s the basics…

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) & Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Setting up an ITIN will register you with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service, aka U.S Tax Department) as a foreign investor here in the U.S.

An LLC is an entity that holds assets, that can provide legal protection and taxation benefits beyond owning Property in your personal name. It is a form of asset protection and a sound tax benefit.

U.S. Accountant & Tax Preparation

Our network of accountants have decades of experience dealing with taxation services, and advice for international investors investing in the U.S.

Get Your $$ to the U.S. Quick, Safe and Easy

Options of transferring your money in and out of the U.S. for rates a lot cheaper than the banks and saving 1,000’s of dollars over the course of an investment.


If you invest in one of our deals there is no need to obtain U.S. financing, as we secure the debt (our names are on the loan). However, if you are wanting to do your own deals, we can help you source debt as an international investor buying U.S. real estate.

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