About PropertyWorkz

Finding the Hottest Investments

Staying “ahead of the game” by finding the soundest, most desirable and resilient investments.

Deal Acquisitions

Performing in depth due diligence to ensure our conservative criteria is met and all risk are evaluated.


Giving investors opportunities to place capital to build or expand financial freedom & generational wealth.

Asset Management

Overseeing investment operations to maximize profits.

Real Estate Consultation

One-on-one or group consultation to help overcome challenges or get to the next level.

Real Estate Education

Providing an educational platform of live events, home study courses, books, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and educational videos to help YOU get to the next level!

PropertyWorkz Investment Philosophy

At PropertyWorkz we help passive investors create financial freedom and expand their wealth through recession resistant investments. We believe our investments should perform well during good economic times and even better during down economic times. 

We pay attention to numbers, financials, deal specifics, the macroeconomic landscape (present and future), and our position in relation to it. We pin-point where we can take prudent and thoroughly calculated risks, where our leadership team bravely invests personal capital, testing the waters and confirming alignment with our criteria, assumptions and projections with verifiable results. 

We believe this is the best way to protect our investors by setting the boundaries, taking action and risks up front, thereafter opening proof-tested investments to our PropertyWorkz Inner Circle. Our Inner Circle members can feel the victory of being saved from the struggle and difficulty of; sourcing, evaluating, testing, managing, and systemizing investments while we handle these financial complexities.

The Drive Behind PropertyWorkz

Bryce Roberson achieves grace by triumphing over adversity.

A native of Australia, Bryce dropped out of high school with no knowledge of business or entrepreneurship at the time. After a few years in the underground gold mines and 6 years of world travel, Bryce met the love of his life, and planted his feet firmly in the USA. 

From there, Bryce turned a negative net worth, $2,000 and unseasoned credit into financial freedom in 2.5 years. During the process he created order, peace and prosperity in his life and in the lives of those around him. 

Through his respect for the power of money, Bryce leads the PropertyWorkz Inner Circle by investing to create FREEDOM!

With a strong desire to enhance physical and mental toughness, Bryce enjoys challenging himself in outdoor adventure sports and athletic endurance competitions. Bryce loves traveling and adventuring with his wife and their dogs, and expresses his creativity through drumming.

Bryce along with industry leading experts, inspire and empower “Freedom Hackers” to live in true fulfillment, living their soul’s purpose, and expressing their FREEDOM through the videocast and podcast Freedom Hack Radio.


 “Your Real Estate Mate”

Real Estate Investor | Best Selling Author | Syndicator | Educator

Strategic Alliances

PropertyWorkz has teamed up with some of the best operators in the U.S to bring to the table high quality recession resistant investments across a few closely aligned asset classes. We believe that real estate investing is a team sport, which is why collectively we bring hundreds of years of experience, quality investments in sound markets that are run professionally for maximum overall results. 

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