About PropertyWorkz

Finding the Hottest Investments

Staying “ahead of the game” by finding the soundest, most desirable and resilient investments.

Deal Acquisitions

Performing in depth due diligence to ensure our conservative criteria is met and all risk are evaluated.


Giving investors opportunities to place capital to build or expand financial freedom & generational wealth.

Asset Management

Overseeing investment operations to maximize profits.

Real Estate Consultation

One-on-one or group consultation to help overcome challenges or get to the next level.

Real Estate Education

Providing an educational platform of live events, home study courses, books, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and educational videos to help YOU get to the next level!

PropertyWorkz Investment Philosophy

PropertyWorkz is all about “Thrivival” (thriving regardless of economic fluctuations). As markets and economic conditions change, we aim to stay ahead of the game by selecting the most effective, stable, and resilient investments. Click below for more info on our focused asset classes and reasons why we like them, our underwriting assumptions / purchase criteria, and some case studies of previous investments. 

The Drive Behind PropertyWorkz


Bryce Robertson “Your Real Estate Mate” is an Aussie born real estate investing entrepreneur, #1 international bestselling author, world traveler, adventurer and the founder of PropertyWorkz.

Bryce’s investing career began by acquiring a $570,000 mobile home park with a negative net worth, unseasoned credit, and a mere $2,000 in the bank. 

How was this possible? By using the power of syndication, where PropertyWorkz and it’s affiliates do all the heavy lifting of; finding, qualifying, underwriting, performing due diligence on, obtaining financing for, taking over, managing, and refinancing or selling investments. While simultaneously opening these investments to investors (limited partners) that may otherwise not have the; financial capacity, time, experience or resources to be involved in such a deal. 

Consequently limited partners (investors) can gain from the involvement in an investment (qualifications apply) they otherwise would not have the capacity to be part of, while PropertyWorkz and it’s affiliates, can scale to take on more projects, which in turn brings more investments to the table for investors. 


Over the years, PropertyWorkz has teamed up with some of the best operators in the U.S and geometrically expanded it’s U.S Real Estate Investing platform attracting U.S. and international investors along the way. 

As a culmination of success in mobile home park investing, Bryce lives the freedom trinity of; financial, time and location freedom. Bryce is host to the YouTube channel & video podcast “Freedom Hack Radio”, co-author of “10,000 Miles to the American Dream”, he’s one of only a few anchor article writers for BiggerPockets and has top selling “Mobile Home Park Investing” and “Capital Raising” home study courses.

Please use the resources and opportunities pages on this website to help PropertyWorkz take your investing, financial wealth, and quality of life to the next level. 


Because you down right bloody deserve it!


 “Your Real Estate Mate”

Real Estate Investor | Best Selling Author | Syndicator | Educator

Strategic Alliances

PropertyWorkz has teamed up with some of the best operators in the U.S to bring to the table high quality recession resistant investments across a few closely aligned asset classes. We believe that real estate investing is a team sport, which is why collectively we bring hundreds of years of experience, quality investments in sound markets that are run professionally for maximum overall results. 

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